Welcome to Thrillhunter.com.  Take a step back in time
and see what a true musical themepark should be.  Here in
the following pages, you'll be able to relive all the shows,
rides, and good times shared by all who ever visited this
great themepark. You'll see the Grand Ole Opry and some
history on it. You'll see rides such as Chaos, the Walbash
Cannonblall, the Screamin' Delta Demon, Hangman, and
several others that added thrills to the music complement
Opryland had to offer. Overall this was one of the best
themeparks I've ever visited over the years mainly due to
regardless of age, the entire family could come and enjoy
themselves as a family.  There was something for
everyone. Have a good rest of the day here at Opryland!
My special thanks goes out to all those who have
supported this site and have contributed stories, pictures,
and video footage which makes this site possible. It goes
to show that even though the park left us at the end of it's
1997 season, a small part of it will always remain with us.
Thanks for visiting.
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