Hill Country Area
Riverside Area
New Orleans Area
American West Area
Do Wah Diddy Area
Grizzly River Area
State Fair Area
Lakeside Area
Plaza Area
Theatre by the Lake
Old Mill Scream
Raft Ride
(removed for Old Mill Scream)
Monkey Island
Kiddie Ride Area
American Music Theatre
Big "G" Kids Stuff
50's Skyride
Jukebox/Flipside Theatres
(removed for Chevy/Geo Theatre)
Little Deuce Coupe
(also known as Disc Jockey Ride)
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
(also known as Timber Topper)
Chevy/Geo Theatre
El Paso Train Station
Tin Lizzies
(removed for Hangman)
Angle Inn
Durango Theatre
Grand Ole Opry House
Roy Acuff Museum
Minnie Pearl Museum
Roy Acuff Theatre
Other Things of Interest
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