Little Deuce Coupe
This was always a family favorite for us. In the picture above was one of the last times this ride was seen as it was late
December during the Christmas in the Park event.  Somewhere in the 70's, it was enclosed inside a white dome and
renamed. It was your typical tea-cup style ride with one exception, the floor tilted up while you was riding. One thing I
liked about this one was that it was air-conditioned on the hot days of summer :)  Once inside, you chose which "barrel"
you wanted and the ride began. During the ride they played 50's music to match the area you was in. Overall fun ride.
(click a thumbnail to see larger picture)
This is what the Little Deuce Coupe originally looked
like when it was new. It was known then as the Disc
Jockey ride. Notice the dome was added later.
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